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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

ORIGINAL: mikedenilin

Hi Rich and all,

I just got my FORMOST 150 and Vortex today from the factory. I plan to do a complete overhaul on this one to make it ready for a P60. This thread has more than 25 pages, too long for me to summarize all these new discoveries and modifications. Does anyone have a summary of these modifications that can be shared with here? Here is what we (my builders and I) are going to do

1. build a new epoxy fuselage so we can get rid of the ugly tank looking canopy and stingy polyethene resin fuselage, it would be more aerodynamic, sharp looking, F16 or F18 like nose, or Rafale ?
2. add spoilers on the top and bottom of the airfoil near the wing roots.
3. design a new retract system that is durable for grass field, dirt field, and of course hard landing so that even my grandma can land this plane!
4. making a set of fuel tanks for jets and external stores for smoke.
5. make a built in, integrated FOB screen on the nacelle.
6. the nacelle will sit in the back of the plane like the HE262 or A10 like configuration (1 engine only)
7. After all are done, we will make a small production with the OEM factory's co-op.
8. Add functional canards on the phase II project.

So here is my 6 month project and see how we can turn this "Almost turbine" into a 100% turbine or EDF plane that's unique for our club rookies and whoever.

Sounds good to you? If so, let's all pitch in and see what we can come up with. If there are enough people interested in this project, we will mass produce it enough to recover our development and tooling cost.

Let me see what you think. This should be a fun project.

Global Jet Club

Mike it was a pleasure meeting you
it wont be 6 months , believe me...
this factory has one thing in mind and that is make a sale only
every idea you tell them , will be assimilated into there hive.
the only thing that comes from that is a higher price for each kit , and NO other kits.
they have hundreds on stock
they simply call them Ver1 ver 2..
Nicolas and me tried numerous times to talk to them , and share our idea,s.
they copied all ideas without thank you and increased the price with 75usd and NO changes have been made.
i like your style and effort , but i hate to break it to you , it is a lost cause...[:@]