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Default RE: RC Car with Neon and Interactive LED's

Thats awesome, I was thinking of getting a LED kit just they other Night when i was running my Evader. I Didn't think led programmers could do that. I Know of Solid On, Strobe, and that about it. I Didn't know the colors could cycle like that. Two thumbs up.

To sfar785, Why does it have to be a Shelf Queen? Just Cuz his kit looks more classy and stylish than the Average Basher's doesn't make it a shelf queen. I DO know what you mean about the flashing lights while driving though, Good point.

Sweet rid man, and Nice Paint job!

Just checked your site out and it seems you have good prices, $40 for a control module, Thats cheaper than Tower hobbies. What kind of shipping and Security do you offer?

To RCLightsKit, Awesome Video and Kit, I like the Music also, What Instrument is being played, sounds kinda Chinese. What Kind of Programing/ Controller kit do you have in their( The one on your youtube Video) The Blue car? ALSO, I've been looking for just the right wing to fit on my 1/10 scale Electric Cuda and i think YOUR wing is the one I'm looking for. Where can i order that wing(Blue Car),,You know? Thanks