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Default RE: European Championship 2008 - Brescia Italy

Hello again
Thanks for the kind words, I will try to do my best. It's not getting easier to get a good results, there is a lot of pilots flying very good these days.
Regarding the Integral, the stab is actually a Synergy stab, for no other reason than that I had a set of foam-cores laying around. The wing is foam also, same planform as original Integral, but with the same airfoil thickness all the way from root to tip ie. thinner at tip than original.
Isaac : I enjoyed visiting you all, there is a team from Israel coming to the EC also, is it not ? I prefer the single full-size servo for several reasons:
- The bigger servos are more robust and precise
- I prefer to have the weight closer to the CG, servos in the tail moves mass far awy.
- The total weight is lower with one servo, the long cables from RX to the tail-mounted servos are fare heavier than wire pull-pull to the MK bellcrank.

Best regards