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Default RE: RC Car with Neon and Interactive LED's

We do have under car neon that you can use on the kit, and as for flashing headlights, actually you can turn them off, turn them solid on and have them flash, you change the display mode by giving 3 fast throttle inputs... if you look on the mode table page we have on the website, i'm sure you'll find the mode you need, as for shipping to the US it usualy take between 5 to 10 days, we also give tracking number.

Personaly I did install a mode 3 kit in my LST monster truck, and bash it at night at the local motocross track, with front and rear lights on, its easy to see at night where the car is facing and going, even from a good distance, these led's are really strong, next time I bash at night I'll make a video.