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Default RE: how many servos for RCSkydiving

The Rc Skydiving micro only uses TWO servos in the diver thats all that will fit in there you will see. The micro drop box can use any servo I use the HS-55 with tape to the side of the box. To freefall the diver uses the same servo in it to pull the chute. You will see this will be easy for you when you get it in and look at it. Have fun and happy falling. I have two micros and one ultimate from (check out the little orange guy on his website that is one of mine, MJ is his name LOL) all togehter for the Diver to have full drop and freefall from the diver TX I use TWO recievers, one in the diver of coarse and one binded to the same model (Spektrum) in the plane for the drop box, and THREE servos Two in the diver and one on the Box.