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Default RE: how many servos for RCSkydiving

ORIGINAL: ennyka

I use TWO recievers, one in the diver of coarse and one binded to the same model (Spektrum) in the plane for the drop box, and THREE servos Two in the diver and one on the Box.
What I have done is run an aileron extension from the RX in the jumper which connects to the servo in the drop box. The extension pokes out around the waist and I shaved the connector so it slips apart from the servo very easily when the jumper falls away. This way the jumper's TX/RX controls the drop, chute opening, and the arms. It also prevents a drop if you forget to turn the jumper on or there is some other radio problem.

I have a Futaba 9C TX and set up the channels for the drop and chute opening on the slider levers on the side of the TX. The left slider controls the drop, the right slider releases the chute.