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Default RE: 1/4 Scale F4U-1A Don Smith Plans Build

I tried doing it with the elavators in place but kept getting different readings from them moving even when clamped. I am now using a triangular piece of balsa tack glued to the TE to simulate the same position that the TE of the elevator would be. But I'll try to do it your way again and see what happens. Also the picture is deceiving because if you look at the stab you get that illusion but the incidence meter tells the true story doesn't it? As far as the wing is concerned why do you suggest doing it first? I am not even close to being ready to set the wing. Plus if you remember I am going to make the center section stationary epoxied to the fuse and then fiberglassed together too. I am using the center line on the plan as a datum line for a basis to go from. I am also using 2 laser levels for accuracy. I guess my bigest question is if I do as Rocketman says and just attach it what will and how will that effect the wing? These are all genuine questions and need answers please!!!