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Default RE: "CAD for Modelers, Volume Two" released

Hi David,

TurboCad has been around for quite a while, and I'd say it makes a good introductory program of it's type, for those who want to learn the process, or who aren't sure they're going to stick with it, and therefore, don't want to spend a lot of money on it. And, like any tool, what you do with it depends largely on you, right? A great mechanic can do the job with an adjustable wrench, where an inept person won't really benefit from a larger tool set.

I've spent my life as an artist of various types... Musician (drummer), 3D programming in the old days (80's) 2D and 3D art, web site design, etc.. I discuss all those things from the same point of view, which is it's much more important to help people with their conceptual toolkit than with "what button to push". All 2D and 3D software has similarities, but different "buttons to push". (That's something you have to learn yourself, with software-specific tutorials, etc..)

So, no matter what software you use, a line is a line, a boolean is a boolean, an extrusion is an extrusion, and so on. From the start, these products were designed to be as generic as possible, with the specific idea in mind that the concepts were more important than the details of their implementation. If you agree with that approach, then yes, my products will help. If you need TurboCad-specific information, then no, they probably won't.

Hope this helps. (There's an outline of what's on each disc, as well as a preview movie and images for each one, which might help you decide, on my sites. ( http://www.nextcraft.com for the RC-related items, and http://www.mikejamesmedia.com for other imaging-related items )

Good luck, regardless.