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Default RE: "CAD for Modelers, Volume Two" released

David, I recently updated to TurboCAD V 15 Deluxe. I figured it was time to try to learn some 3D. So I started...... in three or four instances I searched the help because I knew what I wanted and that any 3D CAD should be able to do such a thing. WHat I found each time was "this feature is only available in the Pro Version". So that ended my 3D CAD efforts for the moment. Without the advanced features there was no way to draw curved sides in two planes such as I wanted so I'll stick to 2D.

But if you only want 2D then TurboCAD rocks. I've tried a lot of others and found they all had things or procedures that got in my way and I came back to TurboCAD.

But ANY drawing program is a steep uphill learning curve. You need to dig in and actually try to do a simple design and deal with the issues as they arise. And also check out the Baker's Dozen TurboCAD tips in the CAD help sticky at the top of this forum. It's the 13 things that I found were the most important to me when I was learning.