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Default RE: 2.4 ghz radios??????????

Not that you need more replies but will send this anyway. I have the JR Spektrum and could not be more pleased. One of the features I REALY like is the model match. No way that you can fly the wrong plane just won't work. Each plane has to be individually bound to the TX. With what you say you may do in future you may need quite a few channels However, normally 7 are sufficient. The JR Spectrum RX's are available in several models but some are considered Park Flyer type, which I don't buy. I use only the AR7000 or on my smaller electrics the AR6200. They are both full range RX's. that consist of 2 tiny RX's which I consider another plus since they are each oriented 90degrees from each other.Which offers unparralled reception. I'm pleased to see you are doing your homework on a selection. many do not then end up purchaseing something they are dissatisfied with and end up spending more money to upgrade.