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Default RE: What to put a gasoline motor on my Extra 300 1.60 airplane. NEED HELP!!

Four considerations:

1. What size prop can the UC accomadate i.e. is it tall enough for a 22" dia prop which is what a 50cc is going to need unless you go three blade.

2. What sort of firewall does the plane have is it flat and wide enough to accomadate the stand offs.

3. What total weight is it all going to come out at once installed.

4. What wing area and hence loading are you going to end up with.

All needs thinking about before you make up your mind on the engine of choice, the MVVS's below 40cc have a normal glow type engine mounting, but start to get a little heavy for their displacement, the MVVS 45 has a magnezium crank case and is very light comparitivly.

The DL and DA 50 are about the same weight as each other with all the gear on board, but in my opinion may overstress the airframe and pull the front off due to the excess vibration you get with any single cylinder petrol engine of this displacement.

So take you time and look at all the possibilities, but don't take the weight issues for granted, even the so called indipendant engine weight comparison document doing the rounds on RCU is very biased towards DA where the weight is concerned, do your own research and then keep it too yourself or you will be vilifield by those who dissagree. LOL.