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Default RE: What to put a gasoline motor on my Extra 300 1.60 airplane. NEED HELP!!

Oh yeah, now that the original post has been edited with the model....man, I wouldn't consider the the bigger of the engines mentioned here. I don't know the manufacturer, but along with the span, do you have the wing area? Most of the 40-50+cc class gassers mentioned here are suited pretty well to something with around 1400 sq inches of wing area, and and AUW of 14-16lbs.

If you can keep it under 11 lbs, peferably under 10....and assuming it has 1000 sq inches, or close, a lightweight and good performing 26cc or something close would be ok, but this is a tough size/weight of plane to power with gas, without negating the ease of use, with sacrifice due to power to weight ratio, especially if you are considering extreme aerobatics. If general sport flying is all you are looking for, you'll be fine with a 26cc.