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Yes, I'm a total loser for leaving you guys out. I will have some of the gang post some pics here from the event. Maybe a spy shot or two of the prototypes that are coming. The last Cup race was in Carbondale, IL and was a hoot. I think the top three was Hyperdrive 1st, HPI 2nd, and MLP was 3rd overall. That was a carpet race. This year is asphalt. The cup cars pretty much don't have any rules other than it has to be an F1 car. Most of the drivers started with 8-12 turn motors then worked up to 19T's I think for the control. Still though they were super fast. One of the Hyperdrives went down the straight so fast it ripped both side airdams off the wing. Then it went from racecar to worlds fastest pinball hitting at least three walls before he could get it stopped...very cool. And if anyone ever ask's those wings are not just for style, they NEED them . This year the cup racers will use 4 cells instead of 6 with any motor then go back to 6 or Li-Po next year. I'm working on a location now for 2009. Southern Ohio would be good as well as Chattanooga,TN since it is central to everything East of the Mississippi. Stand by.