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Default RE: 1/10 RC Formula 1 Cars...lets see'em

Thanks all for the compliments.

Hey Solo, nice lookin car. Is that the original Futaba car? I had a chance to get one of thsoe and I let it slip through my fingers. DOH!

AH HA! Lee you sould build them. They look better built than they do stored in the box. Granted they do stack easier in the box. LOL What body are you putting it? Give us a tease. LOL

Max, Lee is right the body's don't come prepainted. The only F1 car I know of that came prepainted was the Tamiya F-type body. It was painted bright red was a Ferrari, I think the 2000 car. Those are kinda hard to find right now. They may have others that where prepainted but none that I'm aware of. Thanks for koodoos on the paint jobs. I appreciate it.

I posted up some new pics below.

The twins

My Williams FW16 Rothmans

The Ligier