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Default RE: engine/plane combinations

What you'll miss most from having that 55 in a 60 size model will probably be weight, not horsepower.

The 55 is basically a 46 replacement and as such was kept down in weight. Most 60s are significantly heavier than most 46/55s. And the planes designed to take a 60 are going to have that weight considered in the design.

The 55 is about an 18 ounce package. 60s are going to be around 24 ounces. Balancing to make up for 6 ounces probably won't be possible without adding lead.

There are lots of 46size models that'll work better with the extra power and won't need any dead weight. That contrasts with plugging the sucker into an airplane that isn't going to want less power and starts out heavier than the 55 was actually designed to pull around.