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Default RE: Charging RX and TX batteries

It kinda depends on the number of planes you need to charge and if you have more than one transmitter. I use the supplied wall wart for my transmitter, but have a couple of chargers to do my planes. I usually take two planes to the field and have two SuperNova 250SS chargers that I charge the planes with the night before. Then on the way to the field they get a top off charge. Also, with the SuperNova and similar type chargers, you can program it to charge your transmitter at the field, if needed. There are many variables in the plane charging. If you fly many flights, you may want a charger for the field that runs from 12VDC or 120AC if available. If, however, you only fly four or five flights, charging at home should work. But do always use a loaded voltmeter to check your receiver battery before each flight. Batteries do get old and start to loose capacity.