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Default RE: J3 cub, crash on take off nearly every time.

My DPM Super Cub takes off easily with no threat of departure stall whatsoever. Not so with my late GP 60 "clipped wing" Cub. That thing had a relatively high wing loading and I had to let it run down the runway a good ways before I dared apply up elevator. Otherwise, it'd snap and roll over on me. I learned my lesson after two repair jobs. I used a Saito 130TD in the GP Cub, which gave it plenty of power. Still, you had to fly the thing "on the wing" because shear power wasn't enough to prevent nasty stall behavior. My Super Cub, on the other hand, has an OS 160 twin and never seems to give the slightest indication of impending stall except when I force it into one. Needless to say, I like flying it a lot better.