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Default RE: Charging RX and TX batteries

Another downside to the Accucycle is that it charges at a constant rate for a predetermined time - 15 hrs. Doing the math, 15 hours at 125 mA gives 1875 mah, which is above the capacity of your 1500 mah pack. The accucycle is good for giving you a readout of your actual battery capacity. You might want to look at one of the many smart chargers that are available. I have the Superbrain 959, and regularly use it to charge my reciever and transmitter packs. They will monitor the voltage required toachieve the selected charging current, and stop when the voltage drops slightly, a characteristic of a fully charged NiCd or NiMH batteries (Peak Detection).

You do have to be careful on the NiMH packs to not exceet their max charging rate, particularly when you get into the higher capacity packs. They can get fragile. A 1500 mah pack should be pretty robust. I normally charge my reciever and transmitter batteries at 500 ma. I'll probably be looking for a newer charger in the future that allows a lower charging rate, as my 959 is not very good for the initial forming charge on NiMH packs.

The wall-wart charger that you have is probably a 50ma constant current charger, and will work. Just realize it will take 30+ hours to charge your 1500mah pack.