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Default RE: Charging RX and TX batteries

Charge the RX and TX? How about at the same time, and with a smart charger?

Do it all the time.

Come home from the flying field and plug the airplane and the transmitter into one charger. Go take a shower and have supper. Come back down to the basement and look to see how much juice the airplane used and how much juice the transmitter took. Those give you some clue how healthy the two batteries are. In the last couple of years, that has led to swapping out a couple of batteries that just might have cost a couple of airplanes.

The Accucycle Elite is a charger that can charge two different capacity batteries at the same time. And will tell you what it took to fill 'em up. And will work off your house (A/C) or off your car battery (D/C).

BTW, those swapped out batteries? One was going bad. The others needed cycling. Did that with the Elite over night. Man, we got some awesome modeling tools nowadays.