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Default RE: Charging RX and TX batteries

There are at least three versions of the Accucyle, which one do you have? If the Elite, it is very programmable and adaptable for NiCad, NiMh and LiPO. Since you can program the trickle charge as well as charge rate, it makes doing the initial forming charges on NiCad and NiMh easy, just program the trickle charge rate the same as the charge rate and let it do its 15 hour charge to give the proper form charging. If using the peak detection feature, just make sure the charge rate is high enough to get a reliable indication of when peak charge is attained. If on LiPo, no worry unless you program in the wrong number of cells as it will stop charging when each cell reaches 4.2 volts (just make sure the battery is balanced). I usually use an external balancer on LiPo's which are connected while the charge is being done as the Elite does not have a balance function.