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Default RE: Electric motor selection

If you have not done so already, take a look at Bellanca's planes from the 30's. EVERY surface except the vertical stab was a "lifting surface" and this included the fuselage.

You are putting A LOT of weight on a 63" wingspan. As mentioned above, figure somewhere around a 14" - 16" prop and some heavy duty lipos.

As a "GENERAL RULE OF THUMB" (this will get you in the ballpark) figure 80 - 100 watts of power per pound of weight READY TO FLY. For instance, if your plane, ready to fly, weighs 18 lbs, you will need a motor capable of generating 1450 watts of power at a MINIMUM. I would personally feel better having 1,800 watts (or more) of power.

Do a Google for HobbyCity. They list the wattage on a lot of their motors.