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Default RE: What is the effect of flap on attitude?

I am by no means an expert on this, but having had a few planes with flaps now, I have an observation regarding the pitch up effect. I initially programmed some down elevator into my flap mix, but I noticed that the faster I was going, the more the plane pitched up, even with the down elev. (btw, it should be noted that I have my flap setup on a knob, rather than a switch, so I can bring them down a bit at a time.)

I started experimenting with using less flap until the plane had really started to slow down. As the nose starts to drop, I add in more flap, eventually I reach the point where even with full flap the nose will drop. Now I don't have the down elev programming anymore, and still have no problems with pitch up. I just wait longer to deploy the flaps.

I think its kind of the difference between expecting the flaps to slow you down and give you more lift, and expecting that the flaps will give you more lift once you've slowed down.