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Default RE: The Bell ringer


[&o]A man met with a horrible accident that left him without his arms. After a period of recuperation, he started looking in the classified section of the local newspaper to try and find a job. He saw that the church was looking for a bell ringer, and after thinking about it, he decided to apply for the job. When he presented himself before the holy father, the priest told him "My son, I would love to offer you the job in good Christian charity, but since you have no arms, how will you ring the bells"? The man replied "Let me show you, Father", and with that, he ran headfirst into the bell, and produced a large pealing sound! The Priest was taken aback, but told the man if he could do that everyday at noon, the job was his. Everything went well for a few days, but one day the armless man misjudged his aim and went flying out of the steeple into the ground below, landed on his head and was immediately killed. A crowd gathered, and as a policeman filled out an accident report, the Priest came running up to ask what happened. The officer asked the Priest "Father, do you know this man"? and the Priest replied "No, but his face rings a bell".
Still requiring someone to ring the bell the priest reran the classified add and soon after another armless man shows up claiming to be the cousin of the first. After swearing to be a much better aim than his cousin the Priest gives him the job.
However after a few days the second man fell to his death on a sunday morn and when onlookers questioned the priest about his identity, he said "I don't know!.......... But he's a dead ringer for his cousin!"

Couldn't resist