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Default RE: Hirobo SRB Quark Forum: Photos Q&A

DOug, I'm 32 years old and was way into RC at the age of 8.


that was in the hayday of plastic and swing-arm speed controls and "Dirt-dogs" and "pavement pounders". I still run a NOVAK T-1X ESC in my "race" pan car and I do 72 MPH with it in a tri-oval. People are amazed a BOLINK car still exist, AND WINS, but its about QUALITY.

Same as with a heli.

I just got my Quark lastmonth, and can already say I have surpassed the 11 hours of flights mark, and have only 32.00 worth of "foam blades" into it as "crash/cost".

I sold my CP, and I wholeheartedly agree the CX is a nice flying heli (the first version, not the CX2).

There is so much "gypsy" companies and Knock-offs out there, I oly wonder how long it will take till we see a QUARK KO.

Don't get me wrong, I've flown my share of T-rex and larger helis, and even a Kyosho CONCEPT.60 from back in the early 1990s, and am fairly astute with my piloting skills, but WE ALL CRASH.

I just like crashing and not seeing an entire paycheck dissapear aswell as 3 weeks DOWN-TIME worth of rebuilding, measuring, and ballancing everything to get back to a "flyable"state. let alone "trimmed out".

QUARK= Turn it on, start it up, fly 12 min, and charge and do it again.

Its bliss, an dpurely ENJOYABLE. A super stable micro-platform and consisent flights every time.