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hey guys. this is my first post. i'm new to the whole nitro rc scene. about 2 weeks ago i purchased my first nitro (hpi firestorm). and just yesterday i got my mg16 delivered. i totally have fallen in love with this little monster. i have not driven it and dont intend to for a pretty long time. i intend on buying every hop up there is for it, including the nx18 engine. and i hope more options are in the process of coming out. i already have 400 dollar wish list at tower hobbies for some cen hop ups and some odds and ends. i probably will ultimately buy another mg16 for bashing around and the one i got now will be my long term project. i've been seeing some nice custom work being done to these mini monsters and it all looks great. i've even been contemplating on taking some parts to a machine shop so they can machine them out of aluminum. thats probably gonna be costy. i've read every post on here that relates to the mg16 (as far as i know). most of the parts i'm going to buy are cen parts, but are there any other manufacturers that make parts for them? also i've read posts of people saying the suspension is too hard or too soft. to me it seems okay but i want to change the springs to a different color. what springs should i get? and if there are any other custom work that has not yet been posted i'd appreciate it if you post them! Thanks