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Default RE: Got my Airtronics RDS8000 2.4 Gig Radio!

I got mine too, with 2 rx deal from tower for $214 shipped .
I have one ULTRASTICK60 and the other one is giles 202, I bind both receivers under respective models, Now here is my problem, If I turn my TX ON lets say for giles 202, and both models sitting side by side in ON position, both airplanes do the same movements( like if I move throttle up, throttle on both airplanes do the same at the same time.)
like one tx is controlling both rx on the same frequency.

On my SPEKTRUM DX 7 it has model match, the other plane won't do anything until I change the model name.
Am I doing something wrong or they do not have seperate programming like DX7.
Kindly help.