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Default RE: Got my Airtronics RDS8000 2.4 Gig Radio!


I got mine too, with 2 rx deal from tower for $214 shipped .
I have one ULTRASTICK60 and the other one is giles 202, I bind both receivers under respective models, Now here is my problem, If I turn my TX ON lets say for giles 202, and both models sitting side by side in ON position, both airplanes do the same movements( like if I move throttle up, throttle on both airplanes do the same at the same time.)
like one tx is controlling both rx on the same frequency.

On my SPEKTRUM DX 7 it has model match, the other plane won't do anything until I change the model name.
Am I doing something wrong or they do not have seperate programming like DX7.
Kindly help.
You have no problem. All you need to do is put one model in memory and store, in model #1, the control throw, directions, expo, etc. in that model memory. Then set up the other model and store it in, say, model 2. Might be a good idea to rebind each model after you set up the aforesaid.