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Default RE: J3 cub, crash on take off nearly every time.

I used to have a 108" cub with an OS 120 gemini, was a real pleasure to fly. take off's could be hairy in a good wind over 10kn but as has been said before, catch it early and no problems. I very rarely used full throttle, just slowly eased the throttle open as she rolled and was often flying at under 1/2 throttle. up in the air it was usually about 1/4 throttle or less. One of the things I loved to do in windy condition was either just hanging the cub in the air going nowhere or even going backwards. Downwind runs always needed more throttle, but thats par for any plane to one degree or another flying slow. While not the easiest of planes to fly, it isnt hard if you keep an eye on it, and amazing how much fun it is pushing the envelope flying slow. I regret selling that plane, but I have a 144"ws cub under construction now which will have an OS320 Pegasus for power. those multi cylinder 4 strokes sound simply awesome and suit the cub perfectly.
As for the cub not being a trainer I couldnt think of a better plane to learn on. It will teach you all sorts of skills that most new trainers wont that will stand you in good stead for later models, like the P51, some pattern ships, etc. Just my 2 bits worth
cheers Johnno