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Default Micro RS4 rear problem. Please help

Just got a Micro RS4 in the mail today, off ebay. So of course there are issues with it. Pretty much just the rear. The diff is really loose and seems to drive like ass. A lot of slip in the rear and nice and tight in the front. I took it apart and it seems like there's a rubber washer missing. This is my first Micro RS4 so I dont know much and could really use the help. I looked on the web and saw that with the Optional Diff from HPI, it comes with two rubber washers. When I took mine apart, I only found one and it was at the end of the shaft, last to come off. Someone please help me figure this out. Pics or install guides for the Optional Diff would be nice. I already tried using HPI's web site and downloaded the owners manual. Didn't help much because it only shows how to install stock diff. Thanks Guys, Joe Foster