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Default RE: New 1100 mAh A123 available everywhere and no word here!

everydayflyer ,

Had my first outing last weekend with the new 3S A123 VPX based pack in my FW-190 (see posting above), very disappointing. Hoping you can decipher what went wrong.

In my foam FW-190, the 3S A123 pack had noticeably less power right from the start than the 3S 1500 mAh 20C pack I've been using and in just a couple minutes in the air the battery sagged to just enough for a very quick landing. On the ground, I could hold the tail and gun the motor and watch the pack sag to nothing. Total run time (including the big sag) maybe 3 minutes total.

Specs on the power plant in the FW-190 - TowerPro 1500KV bell type brushless, rated at only 14 amps, running a 3 blade GWS slow fly prop 10x6, 20A ESC.

I charged the A123 3S at 5 amps - highest my Mystery charger with go with Li-IO or Li-Fe program settings -, at 3.6v in automatic charge (the charger detects the max level).