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Default RE: New 1100 mAh A123 available everywhere and no word here!


I'm still very wet behind my ears on "lectric planes (old Nitro / Gas flyer), can you explain SOP (standard op proceedure?) and LVC?

"A 3S A123 1100 starts at 10.8 volts and under similiar loads is approx. 7.5 volts." Wow! I thought I was reading in various strings around here, that A123
s held up their peak charged voltage a hell of a lot better that flopping 3 volts! If this is true, and mine acted like this within seconds, A123's aren't worth it.

OK, I get use a 4S Li-ON when subbing for a Li-PO. Athough then, at the cost of A123 cells even scavenged from VPX packs, A123's aren't a cost effective alternative to Li-PO, especially as the Li-PO pack prices are falling quickly. Also then the A123 packs at a 4S to Li-PO 3S comparable ratio, are at a huge weight disadvantage. Also much bulkier.

Not sure I understand what your saying in - "As mentioned A123s also require a lower LVC. Standard for them is 2 volts per cell. In contrast 3 volts per cell LVC for LiPoly and 3.2 is much better/ safer for them."

My charger will allow for a fully manual charge (5 amps max); what would you recommend for charge parameters? Total charge time at these parameters?