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Default RE: New 1100 mAh A123 available everywhere and no word here!

ORIGINAL: everydayflyer

For 3S and 4S A123 1100 packs, what manual charge total time should I use if the charger is set for 3.6v and 5 amps? Or should I just trust the charger to do it automatically sensing for a full charge?
3.6v as a LiPoly charger which charges to 4.1 or a A123 charger which charges to 3.6?

No, my "Mystery" branded charger (basically the same as a dozen others I've seen with LCD data displays with other brand names) allows me to choose Li-PO, Li-Fe or Li-ON and voltages correspondingly of 3.7v , 3.3 or 3.6 as a program. I've been using 3.6v (Li-ON) since it gave me the highest voltage without being in a Li-PO program.

As I reported in an earlier posting this page, using the Li-Fe "automated" charge program (3.3v), the "full" charge was only 10.52v.

Max selectable charging amperage with this charger is 5 Amps.

Thanks for your input, I'm learning a lot thanks to you.