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Default RE: HYPERION EOS 0606i AC/DC

Hi all,

I recently purchased a MLST2 and a Dynamite 1900mAH 7.4V LiPo battery for it. I have a Hyperion Hyperion EOS 0606i AC/DC coming on order. The charging(balancing?) plug on the Dynamite battery only has 2 wires going to a JST connector. The main discharge connector is of course, a Losi mini connector. I ordered JST adapter for the Hyperion charger thinking that would be all I needed, but looking at everything I'm seeing online is making me have doubts. I've read the instructions for both the charger and the battery and i'm still confused. The battery instructions don't mention balancing at all whereas the charger instructions highly recommend balancing with every charge. Is the "Charge Protection Circuitry" mentioned in the battery instructions some kind of internal balancer? Aren't all balancers a 3 wire deal with 7.4V LiPo? Ok, sorry, my main question is this:will I be able to charge this battery with the Hyperion? I'm just hoping I dont have to order anything else because it takes forever for stuff to get here.

p.s. I posted this question in the Batteries & Chargers section before I found this thread. Sorry for the double post.