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Choice Reply Bro.... I didn't read Bill's label properly when he posted to see that he works for TBM. They even use the rubbish manual that Ultra RC used with the TBM pics added at the end for their differences. If you're interested i can tell you that the Ultra RC Zero was one of the worst ARF's i've ever had. The fin is crooked (no easy fix for that as it's moulded that way...)the two halves of the fuselage were not mated properly, very average fiberglass work, the wing needed so much work beefing up the retract areas, poor fabric type covering on the wing and hori stab's that wrinkles all the time, the robart retracts (that the plane is designed to accept...yeah right) didn't sit properly in the wing which meant that the wheels protrude below the wing surface into the airflow. Cracked and completely briken ribs in the wing that were not fixed during building of the wings etc. Lots of other little things that are very average for an expensive ARF. I was lucky in a way because i bought mine just before Ultra RC closed when the aussie dollar was pretty good, and had it shipped direct to me by the USAF on their weekly KC10 mission to Alice Springs for two cases of beer and a bottle of wine. The TBM would want to be a huge improvement for me to consider buying another, and really good on them for trying to make it better, but ultimately the construction comes out of the factory and their workers so unless TBM have whipped them into shape, same horse different jockey. Why not wait and see what ESM, KMP, Yt International (all the same ) bring out hopefully soon, as rumor has it they will be doing 50cc warbirds soon, and i have lots of their models. Chalk and Cheese really,