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Default RE: TBM 93" Zero ARF Build

If this person does indeed, represent TBM, as his signature would suggest, he is WAAAY out if line here.

Edit, a little past post checking shows that he is connected to TBM. Is this how TBM treats modelers? I hope not.

Nothing to Worry about mate, it was a little miss understanding. Mr Hatcher assumed I was Selling the Ultra Mitsubishi, the only thing I make and Sell are Australian Style Meat Pies here in Japan, like this TEX MEX MEAT PIE,

and they do not fly very well at all.[sm=teeth_smile.gif]

Mr Hatcher and I have spoken in PM and I will be purchasing a TBM Zero some time after Christmas if all goes to plan.

So I will be following CHAWKJIM build of the model very very closely.


Can I get Permission to Save any photos you post on this thread of your build please, so I can use as Reference. Thank you.