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Default RE: Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane Build


Looks great, so far!
I have just started following this thread as it seems the other one I was following has slowed down a lot.
I am quite a bit ahead of you but you seem to have more drive than I do and will probably finish long before me.
I just started sheeting the top of the fuse. I am holding off on the sheeting on the front of the fuse as I am still not 100% on what engine I will use. I currently have a Saito 120 sitting in the nose but would realy like to use a Saito 100 twin that I have - I just need some real good advice on how to mount it...
Are those RAM lights you have in the cowling? I am considering those as well. I have already purchased the nav lights.
I hope you will keep up the posts and pictures, especially when you get to the glassing stage. That should be fun to watch!
Looking forward to your posts!!!
Thanks, those are not Ram lights in the cowl. The Ram lights are not bright enough for me. The lights I purchased are superbright! They are acutally made by Truck Lite. I work for an International Truck Dealership and came across these lights that fit in the cowl perfectly. The only thing that stinks about them is they are $20.00 ea.