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Default RE: New 1100 mAh A123 available everywhere and no word here!

ORIGINAL: everydayflyer

They are closing out the VPX line due to the fact that they did a very poor job of marketing them and they did not sell well. Shelf space is very valuable and can not be taken up with low volum sales items.

The cells themself are great. HomeDepot made the same kind of mistake with the DeWalt 36V cordless tools and is why many of us got great deals on A123 cells by way of EBay.

There was a recent thread on the B&D site where the VPX product manager swears that they aren't dropping the line, but it would now show up at stores like Target. We'll see.

With the way that B&D comes and goes with tool lines (I got burned on those costly VersaPak NiCD POS line about 6 years ago), anyone would be damn stupid to buy any Black and Decker power took! They have no credibility in my mind.

Charles, I'm still not getting good results charging my 3S A123 packs. The "Mystery" brand charger I'm using in auto program mode for LiON at 3.6v 3.3 amps says it's charged to 12.09v, but my 3S battery tester that they aren't peak charged. As I noted before, it also has a program for LiFE which only charges to 3.3v though. Max amps for any Li type batt program is 5A. I also balance the A123 packs, same results.

Here is the spec info on Mystery Charger - [link=http://www.new-energy-supply.com/d-p22077313-%5BSuper_Deal%5D_Mystery_B6_Charger_for_rc_helicop ter/]Click me[/link]

I does a great job of charging and balancing LiPOs and my NiMH batteries.

Any input or suggestions greatly appreciated, Charles.

My best,
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