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Default RE: New 1100 mAh A123 available everywhere and no word here!

The initial 1C then 2C then 3c charges are to alow the cells to form /condition. The discharges folowing these charges should also be at reduces rates such as 2c,4c,6C.

Number of cycles required will vary with the cells / packs. If one observes the charges and discharges it can been seen when the cells are staying together.

I have had AA123 packs which were near perfect from the first cycle and I have had others which required 15-20 cycles to settle in. I have had two 5S apcks which required a cell to be replaced as the cell was still laging behind the others afte 40 cycles or more.

A lot of this conditioning depends on how hard you are going to use them. The same type of discussions on LiPolys have been going on for years. If you get 15-20 minute flights / runs from a battery then that is an average 3 to 4C discharge rate and is not hard on them. If you get an average 5 to 6 min. flight / run then that is a 10-12 C avaerage which is much harder on them. In addation to the average C rate during discharge the depth of discharge makes a big difference. Discharging greater than 90% from A123s causes them to heat up more and also can cause greater inbalance.