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Default RE: Used ofna hyper .21 too rich? Help please!

Another update...

I seem to have arrived at this engines "ideal" tune....

Here is the really weird part. HSN is 1 3/4 out, and its still a little rich!!!!
Good smoke trail on acceleration.
Still lots of fuel being spit out at idle, especially when i blip the throttle... even at the end of a high speed pass, when I bring it back I can blip the throttle and fuel will spit out.
Pinch test runs about 5 seconds before rpms drop.
Temp is good, spit test takes about 3-5 seconds to boil away.

I dont understand this at all.... This engine should be way too lean at 1 3/4 turns out shouldn't it? But if I richen it, the truck bogs and wont accelerate.....

Should I just run it like this? Is there something I can check that could cause it?