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Default RE: How Do You Boil Parts?

boil the pvc pipe and walls on the track that keep jumpin in the way of your car, about 8 minutes on each side should do. just be sure to add a dab of salt to bring the boil up sooner. pvc gets soft when boiled tho so let it cool before you pull it out.
That's funny. [sm=lol.gif][sm=lol.gif]
Yeah, I haven't had problems for a while, but I went to practice at my nearby indoor clay track, and they got a new layout. A very tight and technical one. lol. In two hours, I broke two front upper arms, a front shock shaft (on my new AE big bores, nonetheless.), a front bulk head, and I bent one or two arm mounts beyond repair. But boy was it fun.
I have a history for driving like a bat out of hell at the track. A little heavy on the gas, especially that night. I'm gonna have to slow down on sunday.