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Default RE: My RCMK Hydro VX


rcboateric, prop looks realy nice. [8D]

glennb2006, as the others have said, it has a silencer on it, so I hope the club accepts the noise it makes.
Otherwise, there is a lake in the middle of a freeway intersection nearby, where we also sail......no sound problems there

But if it is way too noisy, I would like to try a MHZ cooper reso pipe.......but it will probably kill performance.... i dont know.
I have not heard the engine run yet, as I can not crank the engine with my puney electric starter I have at the moment [:'(]

Hope it is not too loud, the stinger mufflers are still too loud for most use over here, still, not too much of a problem as there are loads of options for quiet pipes.

Looking good.