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Default RE: Carbon Fiber?????????????

I'm not gonna go into the "duratrash" debate , but yes I agree with you on the CF shock towers. They have never failed me and I have been running them since I bought my RC8 FT last winter. Still use the original ones, and they are showing no signs of breaking. They are not brittle, and there are no cracks in them. They are made very well, and the only real wear I see on them is that the threaded shock collars (especially on the new big bores) dig into the edges of the towers. Also, the top edges of the front tower are slightly dinged up from flipping. However, there is no major sign of chipping, that I have noticed. I don't see there ever being a need for aluminum shock towers on this car because of durability. I don't think anyone should let CF shock towers prevent them from buying a kit.