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Default Should PCM receivers really cost more?

I have to agree with Lynx, here. Look at it this way, the difference in price of a PCM radio "package" and an FM package is usually about $30-40. .maybe as high as 60. The difference is probably close to 50% actual part cost increase and 50% additional profit.

Look at a Sony Walkman. . AM, FM, tuneable, Cassette or CD, headphones, less than $60 in some places, and it has a ton more circuitry than our receivers.

They use the same basic casing for most receivers form a manufacturer, unless they change the size. Look at most receivers and they seem to be just a re-labelling of the previous model, with a slight "improvement" in the internal circuitry. PCM has been out for over 10 years now, FM for over 25, and the encryupted 'bits' code-train in PCM is the same, except for polarity, for each manufacturer (It's an FCC rule)

Are we getting "gouged". . . you bet!! Just like 8411 servos going for $115 at most places when you can get the more robust 5945 HiTecs for as little as $75. . . . .someone is making a KILLER profit margin.