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Default Should PCM receivers really cost more?

PCM better than IPD? errrrmmmmmmm welllll .
IPD is not just an FM reciever.
I can't be bothered to get out the sheet with all the info about them but i can remember some of it.
They are faster than PCM so you get better control- snap rolls can be exited when they exit rather than before- walls are also better with IPD vs. PCM
They filter out any interference(rather than increase sensitvity) up to a certain intolerable level where they go into fail safe. You can tell when its almost going into failsafe or out of range because the controls become more slow and sluggish( the low resolution of the signal filtering that OhD was experiencing), giving you time to turn back towards yourself or raise the transmitter aerial vertical, or turn the plane away from the crowd, or land it really quickly e.t.c .This is something that PCM doesn't do. It filters out a bit and then....... bam into failsafe without any warning.
IPD failsafe programming is very easy. there is a plug in the reciever that you take out, set your controls to the desired positions, and then put the plug back in and the fail safe is memorised by the reciever.
What do you guys think are the best conrol movements for a failsafe? I think that having both ailerons go up about 60 degrees , throttle back and full up 60 degrees elevator would slow down the plane like anything and then have the plane go into a stable elevator.or am i just talking nonsense?
This thread is really interesting, so lets not ruin it by turning this into a pointless argument.