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Default Should PCM receivers really cost more?

The movements i described do not make the plane snap roll.
it makes it go into a parachute.
the thing is though, with an aerobatic model, its not going straight and level . If you program it to do a climbing turn when its doing the inevitable inverted flight, you get a spiral dive- not good.
Aerobatics models are unstable so they won't stay level in a climbing turn- then will come down somewhere rather fast so it could hurt someone badly.Maybe a trainer could be programmed to do a climbing turn but then where does it go? up and up and up so far that youve lost your plane.
I think that the best bet is to make the plane go into a parachute manuver.Even the most unstable 3d planes are stable in a parachute, and come down slowly. Even if the plane is inverted it will still enter a parachute- but the only manuver this won't work is understandably on a low inverted flyby.
I think that the only way you can find out which failsafe setting is the best is to experiment by climbing up high and turning the transmitter off and seeing what it does at various attitudes e.t.c