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Default Futaba 9C Range Problems...

Originally posted by wgeffon

Make sure all you extensions are heavy duty wire.
I had exactly the same problem with my Cap initially.

If you are using any Y harness's make sure its plugged directly to the receiver and the the long extensions go out from there.
I dont think this applies to you because of single servo aileron set up.

I dont think its a range problem. My bet is that its in the set-up somewhere.

Using Expert 22g extensions with the elevators being the longest however if I unhook them both I'm still getting intererence. No Y harnesses, every servo has it's own channel slot in the rx.

I've over looked everything in the plane, nothing is within 2" of the antenna.

I tried another module pack last night from a friend, swapped the crystals and still same problem. One could say it might be the crystals but I thought either they worked or they didn't.

I'm supposed to meet Tim later today and were going to put my module in his radio and see if we get a good range test. If we do then that points everything to the radio itself.