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Default RE: My Mini Track - pics

ORIGINAL: mrbonez

You guys have some nice tracks what would you all consider a decent length for a straight?
If I use the whole length of my track, starting at the pipe and sliding out to the pipe, then it is 35ft long which is more like 25ft. For a brushed motor, it is perfect. For a mamba 6800 with a 6 cell NiMh pack and a low gearing, it doesn't ever see top speed. A 50ft straight would probably be the most you would ever need.

ORIGINAL: calvino

here is a trick ive been told by lots of people, take some burlap, old carpet... and stick it on the "up face" of your jump so it keeps its shape and doesn't "wear out" as fast, hence you don't have to do as much work on it[8D]
ewww![:'(] Don't do that. I want to drive on dirt, and nothing but dirt (maybe some leaves for now[sm=tired.gif]). I don't even care for wooden jumps all that much.

captanabolic, that is a perfect example of how to make a track layout on paper. I even like how there is a 3D type view to it. It shouldn't take long at all for you guys to scale it down and build it up. I want to see pictures of it when it's finished.