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Default Just got one MYSELF-and my old Proline knobby Tx'es JUST fit!

Dear Fellow RCU'ers:

The PIPE Here yet AGAIN-and this Sunday I finally got MYSELF one of these cases at MY local Lowe's store.

These were on sale for JUST under $20 apiece, so I was thinking of getting another one in something like "within the next two weeks of time" for my soon-to-be-GROWING collection of Gordon Anderson MICROSTAR based "built-it-myself" single stick radios. (Got the encoder for the SECOND one ordered from Gordon himself last weekend!)

The "acid test" for MY needs for that Lowe's carrying case-and for ANYONE ELSE who has an old Proline single stick case with the 3 inch deep Tx case dimension, to accomodate the "original Chidgey Stick" three axis metal gimbal joystick to place a MicroStar Tx encoder into, like yours truly is planning to do is to make sure that THAT particular Tx will actually FIT inside the DEPTH of that nice case! Someone by the handle of "Turbines" has already done a MicroStar converison of one of the old ProLine "knobbies" here at RCU, in my thread about "building your OWN single stick radios" here at http://www.rcuniverse.com/showthread...053&forumid=70 ...his posts number 21 through 24 in that thread are of HIS MicroStar-stuffed ProLine knobby radio...and I'd bet HE would like to know about that case's suitability!

I removed ALL the loose foam "stuffings" from the case, and just left the case with the gray foam liner inside...then I placed one of my THREE ProLine knobby radios inside that case, and CAREFULLY closed the lid...AND IT CLOSED ALL THE WAY!!!

WHOOPEE......and NOW I know I had the RIGHT case to stow at least TWO of those Proline knobby radios in, once I get them in operation sometime within the next 18 months or so!

Goin' to be letting Turbines know about THIS nice feature of that Lowe's metal case...and I bet that he will want one, too!

Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE! )