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Default Are Liposacks Necessary?


I've seen a few online videos of lithium polymer battery accidents and or explosions inside a liposack. Is having a liposack only for hobbyists using various battery chargers at the airfield of does this include wall battery chargers included with rtf kits? I have a helimax ez max heli and have charged the battery in my home without a liposack and without incident. I printed off instructions for lithium polymer battery charging from rchelisite.com and an article on lipo protection which I believe in installed on my scratch n dent helimax CP-L from Tower Hobbies. My LHS has a beginners flight school for heli pilots and I'm considering signing up, on top of using my great planes flight sim for much needed practice. I think I'll need Maac insurance if I attend the flight school but I'll need to visit the hobby shop for parts and a q & a session. Thanx