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Default Sterling Spitfire

Wow, I just received a Spitfire kit which I had won on eBay. I know some people have said Sterling kits had some heavy wood, but my experience back in the 60's was that they weren't all that bad. Well, this one bears out what the others have said. The big nose block weighs a ton, and feels more like a piece of oak rather than balsa.

Of course this in no way reflects on the eBay seller, just on Sterling. This kit looks like a late edition, having nylon bellcranks rather than plywood with bushings. It also shows screws holding the wing to the fuselage rather than rubber bands. I wonder if Sterling got into really hard balsa (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here, assuming it's balsa) in their later years?

I built a Sterling Spitfire in 1964 and had no complaints about the wood. Don't recall what the final weight was, but it flew very well and didn't seem like a lead sled. Think I'll be doing some wood substitution on this one.